Hitman Pro (64-bit version)

Recently while scanning my system for the cause of the sluggish performance I ran across a loaded .dll file with the name hitman* (can’t find the exact name) and was wondering what it was so I did a internet look up.

Wiki Link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitman_Pro . I Found that “Hitman” was a ligit program , but why was it still running in the background. It must have been left from a long forgotten scan. I decided to download and run the the trial version from Download.com located here http://download.cnet.com/Hitman-Pro-3-64-bit/3000-2239_4-75110395.html?tag=mncol;2 , just to be sure that it was indeed one of theirs.

After downloading and installing I was greeted with this window.


Now if you look at the  description on the download page it says Free , as you can see in the screenshot it is not free. Like most people do, I ignored the settings tab and just clicked next and it started scanning the system. Great it was working, where the problem came in was when it started uploading some of my utility programs that I was working on, these are not top secret files just some system utility’s I created to help explore systems for different information and to expand my leaning on programming .

Where my concern came in was, that: 

1: Like most people I didn’t read thru the entire description well enough or I would have been more cautious because it does tell you it uploads to the cloud.

2: It uploads any files without asking if you want to upload it. To me that can create a big security risk if it detects a sensitive file it deems as suspicious. I guess somewhere in the EULA you had already agreed to allowing the program to upload files .

3: As you can see here it starts to gather a list of files then uploads then and deletes any files it recognizes as malicious. This screen shot was taken after it deleted 1 file and started uploading my utility’s and other files to their cloud.



Next after I calmed down a bit I went back and looked at the setting tab.


As you can see the setting is greyed out in the trial version so even if I would have went and checked out the settings on the first screen I couldn’t have disabled this setting anyway.

Again, to me this poses a major security risk to personal as well and corporate security.

though this program is designed to help with malicious stuff it also opens a new security hole by not giving the user an option to NOT upload something to there server to be scanned. Also I didn’t like the fact that it DID delete a file and I could not tell what is was till I went and found the history to view the file , And yes it did properly located a buried backed up copy of a potentially malicious file. Several other Scanners have ignored it.


Just because a lot of people use something doesn’t make it good or safe to use.

Please read thru all EULA’s (some contain checkboxes that will install other software or tool bars if not unchecked.)

Also after getting the screen shots I uninstalled the program and the original files disappeared also. Which was what I was hoping for.

Hope this enlightens everyone else as much as it did me. Personally I will not be using this  product again.

David Ledbetter

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My part time Business, I mainly do system building and system repair. Over the last several years I have been building system utility's in vb script , HTA applications and VB.Net to be able to better find the information I need to better understand the systems problems in order to get the systems repaired and back to my customers quicker.
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