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Unknown Exploit Kit

When I first seen a screenshot of this one that’s what this was, Unknown. Here is the twitter message that Jérôme Segura from Malwarebytes posted. and the response by William Metcalf @node5 replied that it was Sundown/Xer and they steal … Continue reading

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Decoding Angler Exploit Kit

After my last post Some data on Angler Exploit Kit I had received a request to write up a tutorial on decoding the Angler EK.  The Question is where to start ? Since they seem to be on vacation or … Continue reading

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Some data on Angler Exploit Kit

Here is some data assembled from Multiple Pcap’s. First I would like to thank Brad @malware_traffic for all of the Pcap’s and write-ups posted on I have downloaded All (almost all I’m sure I missed a couple) Pcap files … Continue reading

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