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Under the hood of the ATI Ace Event Log

Or, Why is the event log maxing out the log with useless user information. Anyone that has the Catalyst Control Center may have noticed the Ace Event Log. Mine seems to stay full of errors and if you clear the … Continue reading

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Rootkits have become the most devious method of hiding malware on a system. They are being employed to every sector from the home user to government to private industry.The monetary and information losses along with infrastructure disruption will continue to … Continue reading

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How Do You Get A Service SID From A Service Name

Recently I have been trying to better understand Windows Service Security. Starting with Windows Vista, Windows Services were able to have a SID Associated with the service so you could have Service Isolation and reduce the required privileges needed and … Continue reading

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What’s in your toolbox (Environment Variables)

Over the years I have found several tools that make a good or great addition to my PC Repair toolbox. Some you use every day and others you only pull them out on occasion. I hope to write up several … Continue reading

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Microsoft Security Essentials Locked Down Even More

The ability to temporarily stop the service has been locked down even more. Earlier this year I installed Microsoft Security Essentials on my moms old single core Windows XP system. Sometimes as she was playing games her pointer would float … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Missing AS: Data in Wireshark’s Endpoint Maps

If you read my last post titled “Troubleshooting Wireshark’s IP Endpoint Map” then you know I found a workaround for the Endpoint maps not working in IE9 or Firefox. After completing that post I downloaded the latest version of Wireshark … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Wireshark’s IP Endpoint Map

If you have ever used Wireshark then you may have seen the option to view the endpoints on a map. Select, Statistics > Endpoints , then that will bring up the endpoint box shown below. Now here you select the … Continue reading

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