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WMI Code Creator For Windows Forms For VB.Net

This is  a project for creating code like the WMI Code creator but the output is for VB.Net and Windows Forms Instead of for a Console Application.   The Project Reason Anyone that has used the WMI Code Creator knows … Continue reading

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Windows form screenshot and print preview in VB.Net

How to take a screen shot of a windows form and then print it.   As I am working on an application, I end up with several smaller test application to learn about different ways to do something. After creating … Continue reading

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How to convert a Fraction to Decimal

This little test program has allot of user input validation.   About 10 years ago while working as a pipefitter I was called upon to figure out how to fit a riser pipe onto a reducer. Since the reducer is … Continue reading

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Using the service controller in VB.Net

Using the service controller is really very easy. All of my applications come about from something I’m working on at the time. This time I needed a way for my mom to temporarily stop the Microsoft Security Essentials  service which … Continue reading

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Converting a SID in Array of bytes to String version in VB.Net

This is a program that converts SID’s with 1 – 5 sub Authorities  , from Array of bytes to the String Format In my last post I was looking for a way to convert the array of bytes , (SID: … Continue reading

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Another Way To Get Windows XP OS Bit Version in VB.Net

This little project is the result needing a way to identify Windows XP Bit Version for another program I wrote. While trying to help my mom with a problem with her computer over the phone I decided to have her … Continue reading

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Converting VB Script To VB.Net

My Last Post Titled “Event 10 Mystery Solved” (found here.), Left me with a Question about the binary version of the SID, A returned value of  CreatorSID: 1,5,0,0,0,0,0,5,21,0,0,0,190,118,173,34,87,198,105,19,239,226,7,24,244,1,0,0 I started searching the net to see if anyone has posted a … Continue reading

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