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Those Pesky Powershell Shellcode’s And How To Understand Them

Shellcode comes in various forms for different operating systems. Some can just be dropped into a hex editor and get the needed understanding what it is doing , some may require looking at the generated assembly code generated by a … Continue reading

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A deeper look at Equation Editor CVE-2017-11882 with encoded Shellcode

Our sample today comes from My Online Security @dvk01uk from this Twitter thread Here.  The First one I had started to work on comes from this Twitter thread  here from April 26 of 2019. The encoding on the shellcode uses … Continue reading

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A look at a bmp file with embedded shellcode

The sample today is from PaulM @melsonp While watching his BSIDES Augusta talk from 2018  Here,  at that the end he shows a picture file that gets downloaded from a layered PowerShell script. He was kind enough to send me … Continue reading

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