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Using the service controller in VB.Net

Using the service controller is really very easy. All of my applications come about from something I’m working on at the time. This time I needed a way for my mom to temporarily stop the Microsoft Security Essentials  service which … Continue reading

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Converting VB Script To VB.Net

My Last Post Titled “Event 10 Mystery Solved” (found here.), Left me with a Question about the binary version of the SID, A returned value of  CreatorSID: 1,5,0,0,0,0,0,5,21,0,0,0,190,118,173,34,87,198,105,19,239,226,7,24,244,1,0,0 I started searching the net to see if anyone has posted a … Continue reading

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Strong Type Gen – MgmtClassGen.exe Command Line Builder

This is a program I completed 10/16/2011 and I believe is finally ready for prime time. Those that use the MgmtClassGen.exe tool should find this program very handy for creating the strong type classes quickly. Before any selections or locations … Continue reading

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